Gravel Driveways, Christchurch

Gravel Driveway Specialists Christchurch

We pride ourselves on delivering quality Driveway services.


Our services are a one stop shop - Excavation, Boxing, Supply and cartage of materials, laying shaping and compaction of the driveway as well as spreading any chip desired

We can do boxed edges, Concrete kerb edges & No edging - We can also do concrete driveways and paths



Teddington Chip Finish


Plain Chip Finish


Compacted AP20 finish

Gravel driveways - Chip or compacted aggregate finish

Excavation, demolition, site scrapes & removal

Concrete preparation

Concrete placing & cutting

Concrete mesh installation

Concrete kerbing

Concrete sealing

Concrete Driveways, paths and patios in various finishes;  Plain/Exposed/Coloured/Stamped/Decorative cut etc

Concrete Foundations for houses, (TC1 TC2 AND TC3 SLABS) garages, sheds and the likes.

Polished concrete

Concrete Retaining walls

Concrete Kerb and channel

All services available Christchurch wide