Retaining Walls Christchurch

We are retaining wall specialists, Christchurch NZ

BIG Retaining walls...little Retaining walls... long Retaining walls... short Retaining walls... yes you guessed it, we're crazy about Retaining walls!

 Whether that be timber pole retaining walls, concrete retaining walls or block retaining walls - we have a  solution for you.

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No two retaining walls are the same and we treat them as such, some retaining walls require consent & engineering design but others don't, we assess each project on it's own individual requirements and deal with them accordingly.

Not only do we do the excavation related work but we also build the retaining walls, communicate with council, engineers and any related drainage subcontractors required - alternatively we can work off existing plans and consents.

Tricky and steep jobs are our specialty.

We build retaining walls to stand the test of time.


Types of retaining walls:

Timber pole retaining walls

Concrete block retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls

Crib retaining walls

Flexmse natural retaining walls




Q; What are the cheapest retaining walls?

A; Generally timber is the cheapest, however, the retaining wall design and material depends on the site conditions and the load it is retaining

Q; Do I need a consent?

A; This depends on a few factors - You don't need a consent if you build under 1.5m in height BUT once you have a "surcharge" e.g a house, carpark, steep slope or some form of weight on that retaining wall you will likely require an engineer to design the retaining wall followed by a council consent - We have some great contacts for engineers who can design and complete the consent process.


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