Best Retaining Wall Builder In Christchurch

Best Retaining Wall Builder In Christchurch

What is a retaining wall, and why are they important?

Here in Christchurch we have a diverse array of topography, being the unique creatures us humans are means we like to build on the hills

Excavating on the hill is fine, but un-retained excavations and certain slopes can at times be potentially dangerous to people and structures above and below - This is where retaining walls come in. 

Generally speaking, retaining walls should be accounted for in the design stage of a new build, however at times this can be unforeseen due to topography and site conditions.

90% of retaining walls in Christchurch will require engineering and consent, a good engineer will be able to do both the engineering calculations, designs and consent process and be comfortable choosing a suitable cost friendly design for the project, whether that be timber pole, crib, gabion, FlexMse vegetated, concrete block and many other retaining wall design options. 

A good retaining wall contractor will be able to do the sort the engineering, excavations and retaining wall construction, have a good knowledge of hill work, know the local ground conditions they are working in & have a proven track record of work. 

These reasons and more are why TBT EARTHWORKS LTD is one of the most highly rated retaining wall contractors in Christchurch.

Posted: Saturday 23 July 2022