How To Choose The Best Demolition Contractor In Christchurch

How To Choose The Best Demolition Contractor In Christchurch

I may sound a bit like a broken record, BUT, considering a good portion of Christchurch was built on reclaimed swamp land, it comes no great surprise the number of houses badly damaged post earthquake requiring demolition.

Now adays the majority of demolitions are to make way for the growing number of subdivision developments & units in which a section with usually one house get demolished to make way for serval.

Whilst demolition may seem like an easy task, I mean after all, you just take the digger, smash the house in to a million pieces and load it onto a truck right?

well, unfortunately its not quite that simple and demoliton actually has a bit of an artform behind it. 

Heres a couple of things to consider when choosing a demolition contractor:

1. Budget: Although the lowest price always seems good from the outside, one needs to check that the demolition contractor has allowed for everything required - A cheap contractor may seem good to begin with, but if you end up with an asbestos contaminated site because the contractor hasn't done all the required checks and processes pre-demolition, it can turn your excavation into a nightmare and possibly require your excavation material to be sent to kate valley landfill at over $1500 per ton + removal costs which can turn a simple job into quite the nightmare

2. Safety: A good demolition contractor will have a great reputation in the industry and can show you some of the previous completed works, and even give you contacts for previous clients if desired, they will also have all the required health and safety protocols, correct  equipment for the job and have a fenced off site.                               

3. Cleanliness: A good demolition contractor will keep a tidy site during demolition works, this will ensure no unnecessary contamination of timber and other demolition waste from mixing in with the section soils which may cause further hassle down the track. 

4. Can they prodide a full package?: Choosing a demolition contractor who can also do the earthworks for your new build isn't completely necessary, but often handy. This allows for one contractor to give you a package deal pricing on demolition & earthworks, as well as being more efficient keeping your build timeframes on track as they can go from demolition straight into earthworks. 

Here at TBT EARTHWORKS LTD, we offer full site clearance, demolition, earthmoving, foundations & concrete packages for your new builds, developments, subdivisions and units. 

Posted: Thursday 21 July 2022